Movie Review of Rob Stewart’s Revolution

I was asked to review the feature length documentary Revolution by Rob Stewart. The movie takes you on a journey under the water and around the world to see the impacts of climate change and the damage that we are doing to our planet.Revolution

The videography and imagery underwater is breath taking.  The movie gets off to a slow start as Rob tells his story of how his life changed and why he has devoted everything to making films like Revolution.  I found it well worth getting past the first 25 minutes of the movie to get into the real discussion of climate change and pollution.

Coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef has declined by 36% over the last 25 years. That's an enormous loss. Photo © Rob Stewart. From the documentary film Revolution.

Coral cover on the Great Barrier Reef has declined by 36% over the last 25 years. That’s an enormous loss. Photo © Rob Stewart. From the documentary film Revolution.

Rob takes you from the Corals of the Great Barrier Reef to the Island of Madagascar to COP 16 explaining how climate change is effecting everything and how we need to act now or face even worse consequences.  He shows how even the littlest creature are linked to the bigger system of life.

Sifaka on tree

Sifaka, Madagascar. Lemurs are primitive primates, and exist only in Madagascar, where their isolation has kept them from being out-competed by other primates like monkeys!

I appreciated that the movie features 25 experts from around the world discussing various aspects of climate change, planetary systems and the impact humans are making in the world we inhabit.

Protesters with tape over their mouths at COP16

Protesters getting kicked out of the UN Climate Conference, 16TH SESSION OF THE CONFERENCE OF THE PARTIES (COP 16). Their taped mouths represent their voices being silenced. Photo © Tristan Bayer From the documentary film Revolution

Two stories were particularly powerful for me in Revolution.  

One is the story of the Canadian Lynx as a model for humanity, complete with overpopulation, over consumption and their near extinction.  The other is the story about how a sixth grade class was able to change the fishing practices of their entire country by speaking up and contacting their elected officials.  Everyone can make a difference and Revolution presents a number of ways that we as individual global citizens with no special authority can make changes and push for a better world.

Canadian Lynx eating snow shoe rabbit

The Canadian Lynx. Ontario, Canada. With abundant food, the lynx overpopulate and over consume, until their prey, hares are almost gone, forcing their own populations down. Lynx and their prey boom and bust every 14 years. Photo © Rob Stewart. From the documentary film Revolution.

The publisher provided me with a free viewing to watch and post an honest review of the movie. I recommend that you watch the movie! It is well worth the $4 to rent it. You can go to their website to play it!

Happy Greening!

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