My Favorite "Green" iPhone App: TreeHugger

Image of iPhone screen showing green related iPhone apps

A few days ago TreeHugger released their new iPhone App with the same name.  I have been using the mobile TreeHugger site for months on my iPhone with reasonable success, but the iPhone app is so much better.  The TreeHugger app provides a very straightforward, clean access to the wonderful content at  I’ve tried numerous approaches to keeping up with articles at with limited success including reading on the web, reading on the mobile web, and reading through RSS feeds (both in Google Reader and Outlook).  The TreeHugger app beats them hands down.

Here is what I like most about it:

  • Clean – the interface is simple and clean without all the adds and side bars down the sides that the webpage has
  • Very quick performance – articles load quickly and are easy to scroll through and include pictures
  • Can quickly scan article titles and read the ones of interest
  • Category navigation so I can skip the fashion ones 😉
  • Easily share articles to email, facebook & twitter
  • Browse and listen to Podcasts

Things I’d like to see improved in the next version:

  • The flip ad at the bottom – I’d gladly pay a couple dollars to have an ad-free version
  • No indication of how much time is remaining when listening to podcasts
  • Video posts don’t seem to work

Here are some shots of the various sections of the Treehugger app on my iPhone

Happy Greening!

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  2. Mouth-watering post..

    Im following you through MBC
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  3. Two weeks later and I am still loving the TreeHugger iPhone app!

    I use it almost every day and easily find so much useful and relevant information. Just today I saw and shared several articles involving Energy Star labeling with Alicia. She and I have been sharing different articles related to EPA plans to enhance the Energy Star program. I’ve even gotten used to the flip ad at the bottom, though I really would pay to make that go away.

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