Never Too Young To Help In The Garden

We had great weather this weekend and two local plant sales, so I was able to plant our garden!  Our local Garden Club members grow extra seedlings and then sell them as their annual fundraiser in May and I picked up 4 varieties of tomatoes that I’ve never heard of, as well as a kohlrabi plant and an artichoke plant!  A neighboring town has a community farm that sells seedlings as a fundraiser, so I also picked up cucumber, zucchini, jalapenos, kale & marigolds there.

Two weeks ago I put in seeds for broccoli, string beans, carrots & spinach, some of which have sprouted.  Typically I like to have the kids help with planting seeds, but I used the time available to get it done when Jon took the kids to NY without me in our C-Max.

This weekend I had two great helpers helping me in the garden!  First, I laid out the plants where I thought they should go.

Seedlings laid out for spacing & planning in the garden

Seedlings laid out for spacing & planning

Then I dug holes for all the plants and Ellie came along behind me and planted each of the seedlings in its designated spot.

Ellie planting seedlings

Ellie planting seedlings

The garden needed to be watered, and while I did a lot of it with the hose, Timmy gleefully sprayed two of the sturdier plants with his water squirter. Don’t be fooled, he might have been having fun, but he took it very seriously and emptied two buckets worth onto those plants with his squirter!

Timmy watering the garden with his squirter

Timmy watering the garden with his squirter

While I enjoy gardening, I really prefer gardening with my kids!

Happy Greening!


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