New Reality Show about Recycling – Garbage Moguls

From National Geographic Channel

Usually I can’t stand reality shows and stay as far away as possible. However, this Saturday a new reality show called Garbage Moguls will be airing on the National Geographic Channel by our friends at TerraCycle.

Recycling gets a makeover with a quirky group of young “eco-capitalists” at TerraCycle, Inc. Using only materials found in the trash, the team will transform cereal boxes into notebooks, newspaper into pencils and cookie wrappers into kites.

From the National Geographic Channel

Sneak peak:

TerraCycle will be giving away prizes during the premiere through their Garbage Moguls Facebook Fan page including some of their prototypes made during the show.  Tom and everyone on the show will be tweeting live during the show so if you have questions or jokes, tweet them with the #GarbageMoguls hash tag starting at 8pm EST.

So be sure to set your DVR to record this exciting new reality show or even better what live and join the TerraCycle Online Premiere Party on Facebook and Twitter at 8pm this Saturday.

Happy Greening!

p.s. on Comcast in our area NGC is 210


  1. Very clever; and much more respectable than most Jersey reality sleaze. Maybe Teresa Giudice can see if Szaky will throw her a couple of bucks for what’s left of her bankruptcy sale; or better yet, maybe Danielle Staub can take the fake hair that got ripped out of her head this season, and TerraCyle can turn it into something useful. We know Danielle is all about giving back to the community.

    There is an irony Szaky, and that is, you can take trash in Jersey, and actually make it worth something. Too bad you can’t recycle people.

  2. thanks for the info. It sounds like they will have reasonable alternatives. Reality shows usually thrive on drama, but drama and green don’t mix well on most shows!

    Kudos to the for their great idea.

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