News Roundup: Coffee Grounds, Flame Retardant Deceptions and the Plug-in Minivan!

Throughout the week we share a number of “green” stories and articles on the Green Lifestyle Consulting’s Facebook Timeline and through our twitter account @grnlifestyle. Here are a few stories that particularly caught our attention this week.

picture of new carrot plant with coffee grounds around it.
Coffee grounds around carrot plant

20 Ways to Reuse Coffee Grounds and Tea Leaves
This article is Great!  It’s from Treehugger and has great suggestions on things to do with coffee grounds and tea leaves either before composting or instead of composting.  As a result, I started saving my coffee grounds separately and just mulched near my baby carrots with it!

Game Over for the Climate
An editorial from the New York Times on exploiting the Canadian tar sands.  This is not a new idea or a new opinion.  Even if you do think that James Hansen is being extremist in his views, and taking things way out of proportion,  consider what it would mean if his predictions only came true by one-half, or one-tenth? Do you know what it would look like if sea levels rose by 25 feet or even just 5 feet?  What if the droughts and severe storms we see right now stayed at this level and didn’t fall back to normal frequencies? What does it do to crops, hunger and water supplies if we have 100-year storms every year?

Tribune watchdog: Playing with fire – Video
Distorting Science – Written article  
Big Tobacco Wins Fire Marshalls as Allies in Flame Retardant Push

chair on fire

These pieces blow my mind.  The Chicago Tribune investigated how the TOBACCO industry funded deceptive tactics to get states throughout the entire country to require that products meet certain fire  standards  and to have flame retardant chemicals in them. They stirred up fears about furniture and clothing burning so that people would not focus on the fact that cigarettes were starting the fires!!!!  However, the chemicals do not work as intended but we ARE finding quantities of these chemicals in our bodies and the bodies of new babies. These chemicals are also being found in animals all over the world.

New Bill Unveiled to Kill $113 Billion in Fossil Fuel Subsidies
Finally, someone in Congress is doing something about the fossil fuel industry subsidies. Thank you Senator Bernie Sanders!

Unfair Air: Burden of Air Pollution, Asthma Not Evenly Shared Among U.S. Children
From the Huffington Post.  Asthma and Air Pollution disproportionately impact low-income families and you can do something fix it!  Don’t waste energy! Don’t idle your car when parked! Demand your elected officials supprt Cleanier Air for Everyone! check out Moms Clean Air Force
Chrysler Town & Country Plug-In Hybrids Now Testing Across U.S

Chrysler Plug-in Hybrid Minivan

This article is very exciting to us and to some of our readers.  While we are partial to Toyota vehicles,  we are anxiously awaiting a plug-in minivan to replace our current minivan.  We’re not alone.  Would you buy a plug-in minivan if there was a reasonably priced one on the market?

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Happy Greening!

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