Not Running Against the Wind Anymore

When Jon and I first started writing Green Lifestyle Changes over 5 years ago, we felt that we had to write it. Very few people were talking about climate change or green living. We had become aware of the issue, and we were very concerned about increasing green house gas emissions, the rising temperature of the planet and changes that would occur as a result of climate change. We felt that we had to do what we could to educate people about what was going on and how to change their every day habits so as to have less negative impact on our planet. 

Wind Turbine at Energy FestivalWe both have enough of a scientific background to feel strongly that statements of fact have to be backed up with citations and proof, which is why we don’t write very many alarmist posts about the climate changing.  Those are hard posts to write because we feel we need to do research to find facts and scientific papers to back up what we are saying. I feel strongly that you should write about what you know, and what we felt we were experts in when we started, was how to live a greener life and have a smaller impact on the planet. Therefore, that is what we have primarily been writing about for the past five years.

Today, on my way home from church, I heard the song “Running Against the Wind” on the radio and it caused me to reflect that when we started writing this blog, we really felt like we were running against the wind.  We were talking about something that very few people were talking about and with our small amount of personal experience, we were considered experts. Today, the need to do something about climate change and reduce our impact on the planet is just as great if not greater, but we don’t feel alone in our efforts of outreach and education. 

I am now the Director of Energy and Environment for my city, and I’m paid to advise the Mayor, run programs and reduce my city’s impact on the planet. My position is well-respected and people throughout the city appreciate that we have someone who is paid to do this. Our family attends an Episcopal Church in our city where Jon and I chair the “Greening Grace” committee, which exists because there is a shared value within our congregation that caring for creation is part of the important and vital work that we do.  I actually just wrote the following as the introduction to the annual report for our committee:

The Community at Grace Church has such a strong sense of caring for creation that in some years it is difficult to capture everything we do for the environment within the Greening Grace umbrella.

A wonderful example of this is that after church today a friend came up to me and said “Noah [the Rector] and I have been planning a series of speakers and films for adult education during Earth Month. We’re trying to come up with one more speaker for a panel on local food and the earth and we’re wondering if you have any suggestions.” This made me feel good in so many ways, but today I’m reflecting on the fact that it means that this is not a mission that Jon and I are doing alone, “against the wind”, but there are many people raising awareness, making changes and running with us.  

Even running with the wind can be hard work and takes passion and energy, but it is so wonderful to be running with the wind and with friends, and not against it, anymore. Come join us, run with the wind too. Make a small change in your life to reduce your impact on the environment and then tell everyone you know so that we can all run together.

Happy Greening,


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