Taking the Brown Bag out of Brown Bag Lunches

I have been trying to find ways to reduce my family's impact on the environment in ways that are low-impact on our family.  I also try to find things that are inexpensive or save us money at the same time.    Regardless of how much money you have, … [Continue reading]

Recycling Juice Boxes

Ever since September, when my son started taking juice boxes to school, he's been bringing them home.  We've had a running argument that he should just throw them out, because they can't be recycled and they were dripping on his papers.  Then one day … [Continue reading]

About Us

My husband and I started Green Lifestyle Consulting because we are overflowing with ideas on how to live an environmentally friendly life,  without impacting our lifestyle.  We have become the environmental go-to people for our friends and family and … [Continue reading]

Tis the Season for Tax Incentives

While the Federal Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit is good through December 2010, if you want to get your credit this tax season, you need to complete your projects before New Years so you can get your $1,500 tax credit this spring.The credit … [Continue reading]

Just One Thing: Programmable Thermostats

programmable thermostat open for programming

Several of my busy friends have asked me if there is just one thing they should definitely do, what is it?   To save money and use less fuel, get an Energy Star programmable thermostat and program it.   The energy auditors I work with tell me that … [Continue reading]

Alternative Carbon Offset Idea

Traveling has one of the biggest green house gas (GHG) impacts during the holidays as we fly, drive, train or bus across the country to spend time with our families and friends.  While you may be able to leverage technology as an alternative to some … [Continue reading]

My First HEET Barnraising

I am in fact caulking a window in this picture. I was participating in a "barnraising" for the Women's Center in Cambridge, MA where approximately 40 women got together to weatherize their building. It was organized by an organization called HEET. … [Continue reading]

That Makes Cent$

Last November, as part of an EPA's Energy Star national campaign (p. 8 & 10), our home was featured as an example of reducing your home energy use in New England.  Channel 7 Boston (WHDH) interviewed us and the EPA's Energy Star's Melissa Klein for a … [Continue reading]

Alicia’s Green Gift Guide

There are a plethora of lists of "green gifts" out on the web, in magazines and on tv.  I believe that the best gifts for the environment are ones that are not tangible at all.   I know a did a posting on consumable gifts,  but I'd like to take that … [Continue reading]

Reusing Old Business Cards

Over time things change, maybe your title changes or you have a new office, so what do you do with those old business cards that are no longer useful for their original purpose?  Of course, you should recycle them, but before you do that, first reuse … [Continue reading]