Plastic Silverware Is Not a One Time Use Item

Do you throw away your plastic silverware every time you use it? I challenge you to start saving it, running it through your dishwasher and reusing it. Most plastic ware can be reused this way for years.

When I’m in a situation where I’m using plastic ware, like a fast food restaurant or cafeteria, or a party at the office, for example, rather than tossing the plastic ware in the garbage, I usually wrap it in a napkin and stick it in my purse, coat pocket or other bag. When I get home, I run it through the dishwasher and stick it in our silverware drawer.

I send the plastic ware in lunches with my husband and children. They all know that the expectation is to bring it home, but if for some reason it doesn’t come home, it’s not the end of the world. I also use plastic ware for the children to eat with, rather than buying special plastic forks and knives designed for toddlers. This saved me a ton of money when they were younger!

We have accumulated quite a lot of plastic ware. Periodically I’ll stick a bag of it in the cupboard. Then when it’s party or picnic time, I have plenty for all my guests and I don’t have to go out and buy plastic ware. We always make sure our guests know that in our house, plastic silverware is to be washed and reused!

Happy Greening,

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  1. Because plastic is not biodegradable, it is very important to be mindful of the amount of plastic that we are using and throwing away. Plastic recycling is used in the creation of non-recyclable items, so drastically reducing the amount of plastic that your family uses is the most environmentally sound way of dealing with the plastic dilemma.

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