Political Action vs. Individual Choice – What will Solve the Climate Change Problem?

A recent article on Grist caught my attention because of the title: Green lifestyle choices won’t solve the climate problem. As I read through the article it touched on a topic we’ve discussed before, roll your own carbon offsets.  We have since moved away from doing our own carbon offset fund, primarily because we invested what we had been saving there and a ton more to install our Solar PV Awning on our home.

Stack of 19 pennies

19 pennies representing the cost of 1 penny per pound of CO2 for a gallon of gasoline

I think Gar Lipow makes a good point in regards to the need for political action to solve climate change with the example of not have good alternative options for air travel.  This is why I have proposed the Pennies Per Pound CO2 Tax & Energy Stamp Program and why I encourage you to read the proposal and petition your representatives in Congress and the Senate.

That said, I also believe strongly that we as individual consumers also have a responsibility to make choices in our everyday lives in the products and sourcing of products and services we consume.  We vote for good or bad products every time we buy them, so the next time you are going to buy something consider what world you are supporting.  Is it one on a path to a sustainable future?  Or is it heading toward a much gloomier one?  Or something in between?

Happy Greening,

What sustainable products or services do you choose to buy (or what do you skip because they aren’t sustainable)?

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