President Obama to Take on Climate Change

President Barack Obama

At 1:35 p.m. ET on Tuesday, June 25th, President Obama will announce his plan to meet the growing threat of climate change

President Barack Obama just announced that he will layout his plan to address the threat of climate change on Tuesday at 1:35 p.m. ET. During his inaugural address, President Obama said he would tackle climate change.  Having a plan for the US to tackle climate change is huge step forward for the nation and the world. You can hear the announcement in his own words in the video below.

I am very excited that we are finally taking on the critical issue of climate change as a nation and hope you will watch the video below and tune in Tuesday.  I hope part of the plan includes a tax based on CO2 emissions from all energy source like the Pennies Per Pound proposal.

Happy Greening!

p.s. I wonder if the timing of the announcement of Obama’s Climate Change Plan on Tuesday has anything to do with the Massachusetts’ special election for US Senate in which Congressman Ed Markey, the biggest advocate for the environment is hoping to take that passion and know how to the United States Senate.  The special election is also on Tuesday.

UPDATE – You can watch the President’s Speech on Climate Change in its entirety (49 min) on our post Big Day for Planet Earth.

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  1. I’m hoping, if he has plans to effect the outcome of the election, that he would schedule it sooner than the middle of the day ON election day. Hoping. lol. I love that he’s finally going to address it, though!

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