Quoted on CNET Green Tech about our TED5000

A few weeks back back I talked with Martin LaMonica, editor of CNET News Green Tech, about our TED5000 home energy monitor.  He was doing research for an article about the “smart grid” and wanted to talk to me about what we thought of our home energy monitor now that we had been living with it for several months.  The article came out yesterday, Return of the Internet kitchen appliance! and I’m very excited to be described as an “ardent environmentalist.”  He also spoke with Luke Clemente the general manager of meters and sensing at GE, Warwick Stirling, global director of energy and sustainability at Whirlpool and Kim Lancaster owner of the first certified green home in Rhode Island.  I am honored to be quoted in the same article.

We initially met Martin while competing in the Energy Smackdown a couple years ago.  He was on Arlington’s A-Team and ended up besting us in the individual household electricity reduction category with those solar panels he mentions in his article.  Hopefully, once we get our solar panels installed, we’ll be able to hold our own against Martin and his family in terms of reduced electricity consumption.

 So go read Return of the Internet kitchen appliance! at CNET and let us know what you think.

Happy Greening!

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