Review: No-Spill Insulated Kids Food Container by Contigo

Kids Food Jar from Contigo

Kids Food Jar from Contigo

We have been using inexpensive reusable plastic containers in our kids lunches for a number of years to be as waste free as possible. We have generally been using Ziploc or Glad snap together containers to send food in for their lunches. Now we love (and they demand) the Contigo Kids Stainless Steel Scout Food Jar (Vacuum Insulated) for their warm lunches.  Before I tell you about it, see what our daughter has to say for herself.

The twins got spoiled in daycare where they would get their lunched heated up. Since then, we have tried to send them with a hot lunch more times than not. We have purchased them insulated lunch boxes and thought that was working, apparently not so well. Now that they have each experienced the Contigo Kids Scout Food Jar, they told us their lunches were room temperature when they got to eat them.

We had been hesitant to invest in the nicer quality containers for their lunches because, let’s be honest, kids lose stuff. We were much happier sending them with something that was worth less than a buck than something that costs between $10-20.  But now they’re ready to be a bit more responsible and given all the recent findings regarding the dangers of plastics (especially regarding hot foods and drinks absorbing nasty thing like BPA) we’re ready to take the chance that they lose the jar.

Contigo provided us with one of their Kids Scout Food Jars along with what is now my favorite no-spill reusable water bottle to review on our blog, but were not compensated for this review. We’ve sent lunch in for each of our kids and as you can see in the video, they can’t get it often enough.  Looks like we need to have at least three for our family.

Contigo - Top Rack Dishwasher Safe

Top Rack Dishwasher Safe

The jar worked well for everything from mac & cheese, to fish sticks to roasted cauliflower and most recently, orange chicken with brown rice.  Cleanup is a breeze, just put both pieces in the top rack of the dishwasher.  One of the features we really like that you won’t see in the benefits listed by Contigo is that the teachers or daycare workers will never mistake it for a disposable container and just throw it away.  It took a while before the twins’ teachers got used to the fact that the containers we were sending in were to be sent home and reused.


Another major advantage of the Contigo Kids Food Jar over the containers we had been using is that it won’t leak, even if we send in hot soup.  The jar is rugged and will easily survive the beating it will take in a kid’s backpack.

The rubbery grip on the top is easy to open and close, even with kid sized hands. The non-slip bottom is great for keeping it on the lunch table.

The size is good for a growing kid’s lunch when combined with a few carrot sticks or slices of fruit. We originally thought it was going to be too big to fit in the insulated lunch boxes we currently have, but it fits perfectly with room leftover for those extra veggies.  The food jar is also surprisingly light, so it won’t weigh the kids down.

We heartily recommend the Contigo’s Stainless Steel Scout Food Jar for kids lunches!  When they aren’t using them I bet we will.

Happy Greening!
Jon & Alicia

How often do you take your own lunch to work?  What are your favorite reusable containers?

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