Save Energy By Saving Water With EPA’s WaterSense

photo of shower head with running water with question - how much energy can you save with a new showerheadRecently the EPA contacted us and asked if we would share their “Shower Better” campaign. 

Saving water is something that we believe in.  Saving water has a direct effect on the environment and secondary effects as well. Where we live, it is rare to have droughts, but a lot of energy is used to pump water to us and to treat and clean the water after we’re done with it.  As much as people would like to believe that water is an infinite resource, it just isn’t. We’ve become friends recently with the Director of our local water authority and it is fascinating to learn of the inner workings of water treatment. Here in Boston they’re working hard to become energy independent, but that’s a long way off. In the meantime, when we use water, it’s not just water, but also the associated green house gas emissions that impact our planet.

The EPA shared with us that replacing an inefficient showerhead with a new, WaterSense labeled model will save enough electricity to power a 60-watt light bulb for eight hours, with every shower. 

Here are a few more savings from changing to a WaterSense showerhead you may appreciate as well:

  • saving 2,900 gallons of water per year for the average family
  • saving enough electricity to power the average family’s home for 13 days
  • and reduce their annual water and energy costs by more than $70

Nationwide, if every home installed WaterSense showheads we’d save:

  • 260 billion gallons of water per year
  • saving $2.2 billion on our water utility bills per year
  • And avoiding $2.6 billion in water heating energy costs

Intrigued? Learn more about saving water in the shower and WaterSense showerheads and rebates on the EPA Greenversations Blog.

Jonathan has step by step directions for changing the showerhead yourself on our blog. 

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Happy Greening!



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  1. Perfect timing for this post, as we’re getting ready to update our upstairs bathroom/shower and were wanting to get a more energy efficient showerhead. Thanks for sharing!

  2. With 5 kids, we use a lot of water. With the 4 younger ones, I can use the timer and keep the bathroom time to 10 minutes. However, it’s hard with the teen; having a water-saving shower head would definitely help. I’ll check out your bathe the kids less often post, too. We do that in the winter when they’re less sweaty and dirty from outside play.

  3. We got a water sense shower head with a charcoal filter on it. It was less than $40 and I love it. It was a great simple home improvement investment.

  4. Water sense sounds like a great way to save water.

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