So much to be thankful for

For the second time in my life, I am extremely thankful that I can see with my left eye.   Twenty years ago, while mowing the grass without safety glasses, a tiny sliver of metal shot through my eye and lodged in the edge of the retina in my left eye.  I was living near Washington D.C. at the time and had access to some of the best eye surgeons in the world who skillfully removed the sliver and reattached my retina with lasers.  My eyes have been in great shape for the past twenty years, but all of a sudden I started to have a vision problem in my left eye.

Jon before his eye procedure

The tape is to make sure they operate on the correct eye.

I am thankful that science and medicine have advanced so far that they were able to repair my eye so that I could continue to see.  They discovered at tear in my eye and my retina detaching. They were able to repair these by injecting air bubbles into my eyeball.

I am thankful that living in the Boston area, I have access to some of the best hospitals and doctors in the world.

I am thankful that I have wonderful healthcare that covers these sight saving procedures.  I have only had to pay my copay for each visit and for parking.  I do not know how much this would have cost if I didn’t have really good insurance, but I imagine that it would be many thousands of dollars.

I am thankful that I have a great job with caring people, such that when I had to cancel meetings and leave work early to get medical attention the only concern was about my health.

I am thankful that my mom happened to be in town and already babysitting the night of the procedure so I didn’t have to worry about one more thing.

I am thankful that I have an extremely supportive community who was ready to support me and my family as we get through this medical event.

I am thankful for my kids, who have been very careful not to whack me with a sword or jump on me.  I also appreciate that they understand that I cannot pick them up or lay down to snuggle with them for a few more days.

And I am especially thankful for my wonderful wife, with whom I was supposed to be out celebrating our 10th anniversary, but instead we spent yet another anniversary in the hospital or doctor’s office.  She was there for me every step of the way, to hold my hand, take pictures of me and post on facebook.

Jonathan with glasses and gauze over his left eye

Just after my procedure where the doctor inserted bubbles into my eyeball to reattach my retina.

While I am recovering, I will be taking things easy, doctors orders, so will not be blogging quite as much, but thankfully I have my vision and blogging doesn’t often require lifting weights over 5 pounds.

Thank You!


Update – My eye is officially better.  I have been cleared to resume normal activities.  For this, I am extremely relieved and thankful!


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  1. So good to stand still occasionally and count our blessings. Hope your eyesight will be back to 100% soon – and happy anniversary!

  2. Wow that’s a crazy story! So glad that you’ve been able to keep your site and that you’ve been able to look at the “thankful” side of things through this all. Rest up and Happy 10th Anniversary!

  3. I am sorry you had to go through all that but glad it was repaired! Take your time and rest. The blog can wait a few weeks 🙂

  4. Wow! I think having something fly into my eye is a real fear for me! Glad your operation went well and you have so much to be thankful for.

    • Always wear safety glasses when using power tools, hammers or lawn mowers. My first eye injury would have been prevented entirely had I just been smart enough to wear my brand new sunglasses.

  5. Lloyd D'Souza says

    Yikes! I’m glad to hear that you are recovering. I’ve been through several SBO episodes, and what you’ve written goes through my mind every time. And similarly, I shudder to think what someone without my comprehensive benefits plan would be going through.

  6. Wow! Glad it’s better..

  7. SO glad that you were able to get to those that could fix the problem! Many things to be thankful for:)

  8. Deborah Dills says

    Thank you for your story about retinal detachment. I too was just told my left eye has retinal detachment, and cannot see a thing out of it, a curtain is over my eye, so I am worried about it for sure.
    Tomorrow, 10/16/15 is my surgery when the doctor will preform the exact procedure as you had, by injecting bubbles into my eye to push my retina back again the wall.

    I asked my doctor how this happened and why, and he said it can happen to anyone, at any age, young or old, and I did nothing to cause my eye to detach.By letting other people know some signs of “retinal detachment” is key to them to seek medical attention as soon as possible so they can retain their ability to see again.

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