Solar Hot Water Heating up in Massachusetts

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I’m really excited to see the new solar energy incentive program testing the waters in Massachusetts.  MassCEC is conducting a trial for a residential solar hot water incentive program.  Scheduled to begin in February 2011, the Commonwealth Solar Hot Water program will provide $12.50/sq ft of collector plus a $200 Massachusetts manufactured component adder for residential installations of solar domestic hot water systems (DHW).  A standard installation will cost $8,000-10,000 before rebates and combined with federal incentives, the net cost of the system will end up about half of that.

In New England, a typical one or two plate collector solar hot water system can provide 50-75% of the hot water needs for a family of four saving about $500 per year in energy costs.

MassCEC is hosting a free webinar on January 26 to discuss the technical details of the program geared towards installer, pre-registration is required.

Now if only there was an Solar Renewable Energy Credit (SREC) equivalency program that would track and give credit for solar thermal (aka solar hot water) production.  I’ve seen a couple different meters for tracking energy production from solar hot water systems that convert it to kWh.  That would really get the solar hot water industry booming in Massachusetts and lead to more clean renewable solar energy being produced in Massachusetts rather than burning natural gas, oil or electricity to heat water.

Happy Greening!

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  1. That is a very good plan that has worked out.There is a need to look after the natural resources and utilize them in the best way.the solar energy is much neglected in the way.

  2. Thank you very much for sharing, heated water is really important especially when you live in a country where the climate is cold.

  3. The power of using solar energy is very big and we must find ways to use it as much as we can like transforming for hot water,electricity production ,etc…

  4. I recently just installed solar heating system in my apartment and it seems to be working perfectly. It’s very advisable for those people who want to heated water.

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