Stay At Home Moms: Save A Little More on Heating Bills

Most Stay At Home Moms I know are always looking for little ways to save a little more.  They also tend to be in and out of the house on an irregular basis: today home for laundry, tomorrow out to the grocery store and then the next day, one quick errand has you out of the house all day!   This kind of schedule doesn’t lend itself well to a programmable thermostat.   However,  you should DEFINITELY have a programmable thermostat.

For all the details on why, how to, what temperature and how much you can save, check out our post:

Now, you say, fine, I can set a wake up temperature and a good evening temperature, because I know how comfortable I want the house to be when we get and up and when we’re going to bed, and I’ll set it back at night because I want to save money.   But what do I do about the daytimes?  I don’t want there to be lots of heat if I’m out of the house all day,  but I like to be comfortable when I’m home (or when the kids are home).  
Set daytime temperatures as if you’re out of the house and only turn it up if you get cold.  
Thermostat set to temperatures for getting ready for bed. 
Consider 58F for daytime when you might not be home
This way, when you’re running out of the house in the morning, you don’t have to remember to set it back.  Also, if you spend the day sitting in a sunny window with a blanket and a laptop,  you might not actually need the heat on, even if the rest of the house is cold. 
In New England, if you turn the thermostat down 8 degrees for 8 hours a day you can save 8% on your heating bill.  What easy savings!  
Happy Greening!

What other tips do you have for saving a little more money at home?  Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for these tips. My advice is to increase the insulation factors of our house to be more energy efficient.

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