Support GLC in Three Eco Inspired Contests

Something is in the air, because we came across three exciting green-themed contests to enter that are going simultaneously and involve voting.  We’d appreciate your vote in these contests.  Given the complexity of entering some of the contests, I thought it might be helpful to outline the steps below.

EcoMom Healthy Home Makeover Contest

  • Starts: March 28, 2011
  • Ends: April 24, 2011 
  • Grand Prize: $75,000 custom Health Home Makeover created by ecomom’s team of experts
  • How it works?
    Top 10 semi-finalists determined by public voting.  Grand Prize Winner selected by panel of judges
  • How often can you vote?
    You can vote for up to 3 entries per day (24 hours after your last vote), so if you enter let us know and we can support you too.  Voting requires adding the ecomom facebook app.

Instructions for signing up and voting
1. Allow access to the ecomom facebook app in facebook.
2. Go to our Protecting My Family Entry (or click the image above)
3. Click on the Vote button (you can vote for up to 3 entries per day)
4. Share on facebook if you are willing
5. Come back tomorrow and vote again.  If you vote at 10am, you cannot vote for this entry again until tomorrow at 10:01am.

If we win, which is a long shot as there are some amazing entries in the contest, we promise to blog about what we learn and share our experience with everyone.  At the writing of this we were 12th of over 650 entries.

The Art of Reuse Contest by Green is Universal and Esty

solar panel necklace
  • Starts: April 9, 2011
  • Ends: April 15, 2011 
  • Grand Prize: Family Vacation for 4 to Universal Studios, Orlando, FL
  • How it works?
    Top semi-finalists determined by public voting in each category.  Grand Prize Winner selected by panel of celebrity judges including Tori Spelling, Lauren Bush, Martha Steward, Kathie Lee, Hoda Kotb, Angela Matusik and Andy Cohen.
  • How often can you vote?
    You can vote for 1 entry per category of
  • Sweepstakes
    By signing up and voting you are entered into a drawing for a $500 shopping spree, where you could if you wanted to buy some solar panel jewelry or lots of other handmade and vintage items from small independent crafters.

Instructions for signing up and voting (sorry this is a bit cumbersome)
1. Visit the ReUser’s Guide to Green Living Art of Reuse Contest page
2. Click Login
3. Click Register Now button
4. Register and sign up.
5. Check your email for your password.  Several people have reported it going into their spam folders.
6. Visit my Solar Panel Necklace entry.
7. Click Login
8. Enter your username and password.
9. Scroll down to below the pictures and click Cast Vote in this Category
10. Check out some of the great projects listed and cast your votes in the other categories.

p.s. don’t be tricked by the Contest page saying the contest is over, that is for submitting entries

Given the other amazing creations in the jewelry category, I’d be thrilled just to make it to the final round.  Each entry features a description of how it is made including either a video or before, during and after photos.

Top 25 Eco-Friend Moms by Circle of Moms

This is by far the easiest contest to enter, no sign ups, no limit to the number of entries you can vote for and best of all this is a great list of EcoMom Blogs out there.  Many of our friends and fellow green mom bloggers are on the list like Practically Green, Groovy Green Livin’, and Alexandra Zissu to name just a few.  We’ve been voting for them too.  The voting runs through April 17, 2011.

You can find us about 22nd on the list currently to vote.

We appreciate your support and encouragement through these contests, your comments on our blog and messages on facebook.

Happy Green Voting!

p.s. The really important green voting will come election time, this is all just for fun compared to that.

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    1. Hi! I’m in the ecomom contest too. I voted for you- will you vote for me?

      How did you know you were 12th place? I’ve been wondering…..


    2. I voted for you… If click on “Vote now”, then on the left hand column of “most votes” click on “see all entries” we believe that it sorts it in the order of most votes. Good luck!

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