Update Your Bookmarks – Green Lifestyle Consulting Has Moved!

We’ve decided to change this blog/site from Green Lifestyle Consulting to Green Lifestyle Changes. The new url is: http://www.greenlifestylechanges.com All of our posts can now be found on the new site. Hopefully you will find the navigation easier. Please check out the new menus to more easily find the information you are looking for. If […]

GLC is Moving

Photo by: Daniel Oines You may have noticed a slow down in our posting.  Rest assured, we have way more to share than we have have managed to write about recently. The holiday season tends to be very busy when you have kids – we’ve attended an evening holiday-related event for each of our children […]

GLC Product Review Policy

We like to review & recommend products.  In general, we think that being green means you don’t need a lot of new things.  However, everyone needs foods, and not all food products are as green and healthy as others.  There are also some things that make being green easier.  For example, taking your lunch in […]

GLC via email

Would you like to know when there’s a new post on Green Lifestyle Consulting? Did you know you can receive email with our latest blog posts?  We’ve configured it so that you will only receive email once a day whether  there is one new post or multiple posts.  If there are no new posts then […]

About Us

My husband and I started Green Lifestyle Consulting because we are overflowing with ideas on how to live an environmentally friendly life,  without impacting our lifestyle.  We have become the environmental go-to people for our friends and family and after much encouragement, decided that we should start a blog to share this knowledge with a […]