Political Action vs. Individual Choice – What will Solve the Climate Change Problem?

A recent article on Grist caught my attention because of the title: Green lifestyle choices won’t solve the climate problem. As I read through the article it touched on a topic we’ve discussed before, roll your own carbon offsets.  We have since moved away from doing our own carbon offset fund, primarily because we invested […]

Why Pennies Per Pound Better Than Cap & Trade

Why Pennies Per Pound is better than previous Cap & Trade ideas? Pennies Per Pound is simple and therefore significantly easier for people and business to understand and predict.  Pennies Per Pound would apply to everyone, not just major polluters, so everyone would be invested in saving energy and money. Cap & Trade is a […]

Earth Hour 2011 Coming Up Fast!

This Saturday, March 26th from 8:30 to 9:30 PM is Earth Hour. Join us in turning off your lights. Individuals, business, organizations and municipalities are turning off their lights around the world to show support for environmentally sustainable action. Landmarks around the world will be turning off their lights this year, including: • The world’s […]

Take AIM at Climate Change

“Take AIM at Climate Change” music video I saw the “Take AIM at Climate Change” music video last night at an event I helped organize about environmental stewardship and felt the need to share it.  In the video, a group of young artists sing about and explain the basics of climate change and inspire people […]

Join the Global Work Party this Sunday 10/10/10

 is organizing a Global Work Party to raise awareness and make a call for action across the world to address climate change. Getting involved is easy.  Over 6,300 events in 187 countries are already planned.  To find a fun event near you, check out the Map of Action.  Feel like doing more and organizing your […]

What Impact Does 1 Watt Have?

One watt (1W) is not a lot of power.  It can’t charge your cell phone or even an LED night light.  So why should you care about eliminating vampire loads of one or a few watts?  The answer is that every little bit helps and that 1W on all day everyday does add up to […]

Alternative Carbon Offset Idea

Traveling has one of the biggest green house gas (GHG) impacts during the holidays as we fly, drive, train or bus across the country to spend time with our families and friends.  While you may be able to leverage technology as an alternative to some business travel, nothing can replace being there with your family […]