Tips for traveling to Disney World with Young Children

Disney World tips on our green living blog?  “That’s not green!”   you might say.  Well, sure, it would be greener to go camping (which we do every year) or go on an eco-vacation to an educational eco-resort like some of our friends.  However, sometimes you just want a traditional vacation with nice hotels, exciting […]

Signs of the Travel Industry’s Greening

Here are a few of the positive signs we noticed of how Walt Disney World, and a lot of the travel industry, is working to be more environmentally friendly: Happy Green Traveling! Jon & Alicia

Disney Keeps a Tight Reign on Labor Practices

Have you noticed how you never see bad reports of Disney labor practices in the news? It turns out there is a good reason for this. They have very strict labor practices, and they enforce them. Disney has a Code of Conduct for Manufacturers and it is public and on the web. This code includes […]

The Lifecycle Cost of Disney Products

There are many things that go into what makes something “green”.  When deciding which of a number of items to buy, like shirts for example, someone who is trying to be eco-conscious ought to look at the entire life cycle cost of the goods involved. This can be very difficult for the consumer to do […]

How Green is a Disney Vacation?

As someone trying to live a green life, you probably don’t want to give up your values completely when you go on vacation.”Eco-travel” is a growing niche market. For example, the Sierra Club has eco-travel options and our friends went to an eco-tourist location in Nicaragua where they used composting toilets and fans instead of […]