Big Day for Planet Earth

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 was a big day for the planet as we had two major developments in US politics regarding climate change. First, President Obama laid out his plan to address climate change and later that night, Congressman Ed Markey, long time advocate for the environment, was elected to be the next US Senator from […]

President Obama to Take on Climate Change

President Barack Obama just announced that he will layout his plan to address the threat of climate change on Tuesday at 1:35 p.m. ET. During his inaugural address, President Obama said he would tackle climate change.  Having a plan for the US to tackle climate change is huge step forward for the nation and the […]

We need a planet doctor to the ER – Stat!

Every time I hear Ed Markey speak, the more I want to do to help him get elected as the next United States Senator from Massachusetts.  He has been a leader in addressing environmental and climate issues since he first went to Washington over thirty years ago.  Addressing climate change is a major part of […]

Oil for Nothing and Gas for Free

Did you know that oil and gas industry have extracted over 800 million barrels of oil (that’s over 25.2 trillion gallons) and trillions of cubic feet of natural gas from the US without paying any royalties, normally worth about $11 billion? This week, Representative Ed Markey, the ranking member of the Natural Resources Committee in […]

Ed Markey’s Record on Climate Change

We moved into our home about ten years ago and I’ve known ever since that my U.S. Representative to Congress is Ed Markey.  What I did not realize until more recently is that he has been a long time leader on climate change and the environment. My first hint of Congressman Markey’s leadership on the environment was […]