Earth Hour 2011 Coming Up Fast!

This Saturday, March 26th from 8:30 to 9:30 PM is Earth Hour. Join us in turning off your lights. Individuals, business, organizations and municipalities are turning off their lights around the world to show support for environmentally sustainable action. Landmarks around the world will be turning off their lights this year, including: • The world’s […]

Learning Wrong Lessons from Nuclear Disaster in Japan

Smoke rises from Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power complex in this still image from video footage March 14, 2011. Photograph: Reuters Tv/Reuters I fear that as a world, and particularly in this country, we are taking away the wrong lessons from the nuclear disasters happening in Japan as a result of the 5th worst earthquake in […]

Not All CFLs Are Created Equal

I’m assuming you know the basics – CFL light bulbs use significantly less electricity than traditional incandescent light bulbs.  They’re somewhat more expensive, but they save you money on electricity and they are supposed to last longer.  You should recycle them when you are done with them and if they break you should clean it […]

80% clean electricity by 2035? Can We Do It?

Official White House Photo by Pete Souza Did you watch President Obama’s State of the Union address last night?  He talked about a number of green initiatives including green jobs.  The big green challenge he set forth was for the US to get 80% of its electricity from clean sources by the year 2035. Now, […]

Solar Hot Water Heating up in Massachusetts

Image courtesy of I’m really excited to see the new solar energy incentive program testing the waters in Massachusetts.  MassCEC is conducting a trial for a residential solar hot water incentive program.  Scheduled to begin in February 2011, the Commonwealth Solar Hot Water program will provide $12.50/sq ft of collector plus a $200 Massachusetts […]

Line-Drying Your Laundry

I never thought I’d hang dry my laundry.  I kept thinking about how heavy the laundry basket would be coming out of the basement and then how I wouldn’t want my neighbors seeing my laundry hanging out. We’ve hung blankets in our basement before, but I’m not comfortable with the dust and kitty litter down […]

Energy Savings Leads to Green Jobs

We spend a lot of time talking about things that families can do in their homes or apartments to save energy.  Today we are going to flip that around some and look at some of the things that result from individuals and businesses seeking to improve their energy efficiency, namely green jobs. Software Advice, in […]

Going For Solar – Efficiency First (Step 2)

Before investing in a renewable energy system like solar panels, be sure to tackle efficiency improvement projects first.  You will get a quicker return on your investment and the amount of energy you need to generate through your renewable energy projects will be reduced.  There is an exception to this rule if you live into […]

Going For Solar – Dreaming (Step 1)

Ever since I was a kid learning about solar photovoltaics (PV) from Paul Maycock I have dreamed of having solar PV installed on my house.  In the past few years while reading Steven Strong’s book, The Solar Electric House, I learned that Paul was/is one of the pioneers of the field of photovoltaics. Before any […]

Where do you use the most energy?

Where do you use the most energy?  Is it heating your home?  Powering the refrigerator? Heating water for showers and dishes? Powering your entertainment center?  In order to really understand how you use energy, you will need to install some sort of home energy monitoring system like the TED-5000, but you can extract an amazing […]