Social Media Enhancements to the GLC Blog

We’ve recently added some new social media features to the blog that you will hopefully appreciate. Upper left sidebar New Facebook Like ButtonWe’ve added a Facebook Like button to connect you to our Facebook Page.  Be sure to click “Like” and follow us on Facebook!  We share green living news that we find interesting or […]

What Impact Does 1 Watt Have?

One watt (1W) is not a lot of power.  It can’t charge your cell phone or even an LED night light.  So why should you care about eliminating vampire loads of one or a few watts?  The answer is that every little bit helps and that 1W on all day everyday does add up to […]

My Favorite "Green" iPhone App: TreeHugger

A few days ago TreeHugger released their new iPhone App with the same name.  I have been using the mobile TreeHugger site for months on my iPhone with reasonable success, but the iPhone app is so much better.  The TreeHugger app provides a very straightforward, clean access to the wonderful content at  I’ve tried […]

First Days with our TED-5000 Home Energy Monitor

Understanding your home energy usage is an important step to to reducing it.  You can get a good first start by just looking at your energy bills and thinking about why there are peaks and valleys and how this year compares to last.   To go beyond looking at your bills and save even more, you need […]

To Cloth Diaper or Not To Cloth Diaper?

We had a tough time deciding whether or not we would use cloth diapers. We thought they’d be expensive, that the laundry would be too much, that they’d smell or that I’d be grossed out by them, but through the debates, we kept coming back to the fact that they are just much better for […]

Keep Out The Drafts Quickly and Cheaply

Last night the wind was blowing here in Massachusetts, and it was blowing hard.  I’m working on a post about windows, and whether you should replace them, but right now, in January, I think most people want to know what they can do today to keep out the drafts. My favorite quick solution is plastic […]

Good for the Environment and Your Budget: Buying in Bulk

My mom likes to tell me that my pantry is so full I should stop shopping for the next year and just eat what we have. However, we do rotate through our bulk food, I volunteer with Red Cross Disaster Services so I feel like I should be prepared, and I know that buying in […]

1 Flush, 2 Flush, How to Make a Dual Flush

Update 11/118/203 – removed the last of the dual-flush conversion kits when we replaced our toilet with a new 1.28 gpf model from American Standard.   UPDATE 3/23/2012 Two years later, 2 of the 3 HydroRight Dual-Flush conversion kits have been removed and replaced by standard flush mechanisms and the third frequently fails to stop running […]

Greening Your Home Before Travel

As we prepared to leave for the holidays today we realized that there were several things we could do to save money and energy while we were gone.   While Jon is driving, I have a spare minute to write about some of the things we did and you should consider doing as well. We […]

Green Snow Removal

In New England, snow is a part of life and dealing with it is something you have to do.  We currently have about a foot of snow and it’s still coming down steadily.  So what are the greenest ways to move it out of your way? Greenest – Snow Shovel The greenest (and cheapest) is […]