Do I Need This?

People are protesting a new coal terminal in the Northwest US.  The terminal is being built to export coal to China.  Why?  China needs more coal. But ask yourself, why does China need more coal? Perhaps because we keep buying things made in China. Now, there are reasons to make things in China, and there […]

Shopping Local – Hold A Craft Fair During Coffee Hour

Jon recently helped organize a small craft fair during coffee hour at church, and it was an easy way to encourage people to buy local.  Below, we give simple directions for organizing a simple craft fair.  It’s so easy, anyone can do it. Buying local is good for the environment because it cuts down on […]

What’s Green For Dinner?

Fried green tomatoes andfried zucchini –our green dinner This isn’t your typical Mommy Blog, so our loyal readers probably have no idea what we usually eat for dinner. However, sometimes living green is eating green. There are many things you can do to eat green: Eat local – A lot of the carbon that goes into producing […]