Green Bloggers Discussing Politics

Attention Green Bloggers: We – Alicia from Green Lifestyle Changes and Leah from The Crunch Farm Baby – feel that the upcoming November election will have a significant impacts on the environment and green living, including areas such as natural parenting, protecting our children and our rights.  We encourage green bloggers to share their political opinions […]

Being Green in Politics & on Vacation

I want to apologize to our readers for not having more posts last week and this week on green living.  Last week we were at a family wedding, all of our children were in the wedding, aren’t they cute? Ring Bearer and Flower Girl Jr Groomsman and Flower Girl Alicia has been volunteering on the […]

The Real Reason Solyndra & Evergreen Solar Failed

Politicians love to point fingers at the other guy when something fails even if it has nothing to do with the real reasons behind the failure or collapse.  The whole ordeal around the Solyndra Scandal and the finger pointing has me outraged, but I’ve already written about that in Fact Checking Political Campaigns – Solar […]

Fact Checking Political Campaigns – Solar Company Loans

Image credit: Mary Altaffer/AP Photo The whole “Solyndra Scandal” has bothered me from the beginning, but not for the reasons you probably think.  What annoys me is the amount of hypocritical political finger pointing that the GOP has been doing as a result of the bankruptcy.  The Department of Energy loan program was intended to […]

Elizabeth Warren on the Importance of Renewable Energy

Elizabeth Warren inspires me and gives me hope, each time I hear her speak.  This time Elizabeth Warren spoke passionately about the importance of caring for the environment and the development of renewable energy at an Earth Day event on Sunday. It was my second opportunity to hear her speak at a small event and it reinforced […]

Join Us For Earth Hour 2012

Join us for Earth Hour 2012!When: 8:30-9:30PM March 31, 2012 – Your local time!Where:  Anywhere & Everywhere! Earth Hour is a global awareness initiative that we can all participate in to raise awareness about climate change.  Millions of people around the world turn off their lights to show that they support action on climate change.  […]

Another Shocker – Agreeing with FoxNews

I can’t believe I agree with FoxNews With my recent rant about Newt Gingrich’s $2.50/gal energy plan, I only agreed with part of his overall goals, i.e., that of American made energy, not his method or his conclusion.  Now I find myself completely agreeing with another unlikely source, FoxNews, about how to change the price […]

What’s Wrong with Newt Gingrich’s $2.50 per Gallon Gas Plan

I’m shocked to hear myself say this, but Newt Gingrich made several good points in his “$2.50 per Gallon Gasoline, Energy Independence and Jobs.” address recently. He wants to “Unleash the American people.”  He wants to have “the American people develop so much new energy that we [are], in fact, no longer reliant on Saudi […]

Alicia’s Random Reading List – December 2011

I’ve had a bunch of things on my mind this week thanks to some blog posts and articles that have popped up on my radar.  I thought several of them are worth sharing with our readers. The first is around BPA, organics, pesticides and the food we feed our children.  I have been trying to […]

Don’t Delay on Climate Action!

Photo by Julian Koschorke for Speak Your Mind Please sign this urgent petition by calling for the US to not push for a delay on Climate Action until 2020.  The world can’t wait to act! We can’t wait to act!  Please sign it now. Sign USA: Don’t Delay on Climate Action! Petition We have […]