Going For Solar – Get Multiple Proposals or Bids (Step 4)

Since solar installations (even after incentives) cost more than most cars, you should definitely speak to several companies or contractors before making your decision to proceed and selecting the right one for you. Because we were not doing the standard roof top solar installation, several of the big players in our area NexAmp and GroSolar […]

Would you buy Clean Energy Victory Bonds?

Green America is trying to push Congress to act and support Clean Energy investment in the US.  One idea that they are floating is making Clean Energy Victory Bonds (CEVBs) to help finance the rapid development of renewable energy projects and energy efficiency upgrades.  What do you think of the idea? I signed up to […]

Going For Solar – Solar Site Survey (Step 3)

Ben and Jordan taking measurements After you have done all the energy efficiency upgrades and behavior modifications around the house to reduce your load, then it is time to think about renewable energy (Caveat – See the caveat for New Jersey at the end of our earlier post).  To get started you should ask a […]

EcoMonday Week in Review, May 3rd-9th 2010

We are going to start a new thing.  We hope to review the previous week for the top news articles that tickled our green fancy and share them with you our readers.  If you have an article that you think is really interesting or relevant, please let us know. Planet Green: Composting: It’s Easy, Awesome […]