How much did the US spend on Imported Oil in 2014?

My previous blog posts about the US spending on imported oil are finally making a difference. At least a lot of people seem to be asking how much the US spends on importing oil.  Earlier this year, one of the leading United States Presidential Candidates stated that the US spent about $300 billion on importing […]

How much did the US spend importing oil in 2013?

More recent update: How much did the US spend on imported Oil in 2014? A couple years ago, I tried to find out how much money the US economy spent on importing oil, but could not find that fact listed anywhere. All of the information I needed to calculate it was out there, so I […]

Breastfeeding Tips from Navigating the Booby Trap

Do you have questions about breastfeeding?  Have you tried and had trouble?  Are you debating if it is worth the trouble? Breastfeeding is the healthiest, cheapest and greenest way to feed a new baby.  It is also the most convenient.  Trisha at This Intoxicated Life feels so strongly about the topic that she has worked […]

How much did the US spend on imported oil in 2012?

More recent update: How much did the US spend on imported Oil in 2014? My calculation of what the US spent on importing oil in 2011 has become one of our most popular posts of all times. I have impatiently waited the release of the number of barrels imported for Dec 2012 to finish up […]

How much did the US spend on imported oil in 2011?

More recent updates: How much oil did the US import in 2013? How much did the US spend on imported oil in 2012? I have often wanted to know how much we spend on foreign oil each year, but have found it harder than I would expect to look up.  So as a good engineer […]

Typical Household Energy Use and Related Emissions

Have you ever wondered what the energy use of a typical household is? I came across this EPA resource while doing research for a campaign/petition I hope to start shortly and found it very useful and worth sharing. Check out the EPA’s Household Emissions Calculator Assumptions and References to find out typical household electricity, natural […]

How to Find Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan & Local Chocolate Online

The name “” sounds like the kind of generic aggregator website that your average person might stumble upon when doing a general search.  You might think that they sell average chocolate to make a quick buck.  This is what I thought when the site first came to my attention.  However,  I was wrong.  Very wrong! […]

Estimating the Effects of Tilt and Azimuth on Solar Installation

Warning, this is for the more advanced DIY solar fans. I was recently discussing our solar project with a friend who is looking at homes in Atlanta and wants to factor in the feasibility of a solar PV installation.  In trying to find a tool to calculate the impact of roof pitch (aka tilt) and […]

Useful Site –

Considering a new or used car purchase?  Do you know that fuel economy is a major component of overall cost of car ownership? The US Department of Energy and the EPA have a great site that helps you compare various model used and new cars for fuel economy.  I am really excited to find […]

GLC joins Kelly’s Closet’s Affiliate Program

As big fans of cloth diapers we are happy to join forces with Kelly’s Closet, a leading online retailer of cloth diapers. We have bought diapers from them in the past and been very happy with their prices, selection and service. Check their site often as they frequently have free diapers offers and other discounts […]