Resource: EIA Energy Kids

Teaching our kids about saving energy and the environment is very important to me and Alicia.  The U.S. Energy Information Administration has an extremely useful site aimed at teaching kids about saving energy called energy KIDS.  The information is very useful for adults as well. It provides a good overview of how energy is generated and […]

Energy Bucks Program

Yesterday Jon heard a PSA for the Massachusetts Energy Bucks program and he suggested that it was probably something I should talk about in my seminar and blog about it.   I laughed because it’s an important program that I make sure to plug in every presentation.  Unfortunately it’s a Massachusetts-only program, but it’s a […]

Alicia Presenting Massachusetts Home Energy Seminars

Last winter a colleague and I developed a series of Home Energy Savings seminars for the Massachusetts Municipal Association.   These seminars discuss ways to reduce electricity and water use through a variety of do-it-yourself home improvements and more in-depth investments to reduce your energy usage for heating and cooling.  The seminars present information about […]

Teaching Young Children About Environmental Issues

I mentioned in my Starting With Children post that I would post additional information about what our preschool did when teaching about environmental issues.  I asked their preschool teacher for information about what books she used with the children so that I could share the information with others.  She says: “I just wanted to quickly […]

What incentives are available for you?

One of the most common questions I get asked by friends and strangers about renewable energy, efficiency or general sustainability is: What are the incentives for me?  Now, there are the “green” incentives like doing good for the planet and combating climate change and then there is the other type of “green,” the almighty dollar.  Fortunately, utilities, local, […] – Energy Federation Incorporated

We love EFI. They are a nonprofit Energy Star Partner that provides lots of useful information and cares about the extra sustainability stuff like packaging and shipping to minimize impact (follow link and click on Sustainability Info on upper the left). Depending on where you live, you can get Energy Star discounts and rebates at […]