The Lifecycle Cost of Disney Products

There are many things that go into what makes something “green”.  When deciding which of a number of items to buy, like shirts for example, someone who is trying to be eco-conscious ought to look at the entire life cycle cost of the goods involved. This can be very difficult for the consumer to do […]

Greening Black Friday

Black Friday has turned into a huge event in the United States. Retailers have even gone as far this year to start their sales on Thanksgiving Day.  You and I can turn Black Friday Green.  For starters, really consider whether you need any items before you go out to shop the sales.  The greenest purchase […]

GLC joins Kelly’s Closet’s Affiliate Program

As big fans of cloth diapers we are happy to join forces with Kelly’s Closet, a leading online retailer of cloth diapers. We have bought diapers from them in the past and been very happy with their prices, selection and service. Check their site often as they frequently have free diapers offers and other discounts […]

Environmentally Friendly Food in a Surprising Place

When you think of shopping for healthy, organic and environmentally friendly foods, stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, as well as other specialty stores, come to mind. While these are great places to find huge selections of organic foods, and as companies, they have very strong environmentally friendly philosophies and policies, they can also […]

Find TerraCycle Products at WalMart For Earth Month (April)

A couple months ago, I setup a TerraCycle Juice Pouch Brigade at our church to collect and upcycle juice pouches.  This is a real win-win idea as it provides money for non-profit organizations and diverts reusable materials from the landfill.  It is also a great project to involve the kids since they are the biggest […]

Amazon’s Special on Diapers, Wipes and Formula for April

As we’ve mentioned before, we are big fans of cloth diapers. Pretty much all brands of cloth diapers have been developed by moms who work out of their own homes, including the brands we recommend below.  We typically recommend that you purchase them from their sites, or sites developed by other work at home moms, […] – Energy Federation Incorporated

We love EFI. They are a nonprofit Energy Star Partner that provides lots of useful information and cares about the extra sustainability stuff like packaging and shipping to minimize impact (follow link and click on Sustainability Info on upper the left). Depending on where you live, you can get Energy Star discounts and rebates at […]