Greening Back-to-School from the EPA

Ready for School If you have school age children, then chances are you’re getting ready to send your children back to school (unless you live in an area that has started already!)  For most people, this means shopping for school supplies, clothes, and possibly even electronics. According to the National Retail Association, on average families […]

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Resale!

I’m doing a last-minute push to get things ready for my Mother of Twins club’s semi-annual Gently Used Clothing & Equipment Sale.  My club has been holding a “gently used” sale for a lot longer than I’ve belonged to the club, which for those who are wondering, is about 6 years.  The club holds the […]

Check out the TerraCycle Green Up Shop Popping Up in NYC

Beginning this Saturday, March 27th and running until May 1, TerraCycle will open a popup Green Up Shop and boutique on 8th Avenue at 41st Street in New York City. The shop will showcase a wide range of green products (including over 100 TerraCycle products) and services and host exciting weekly events including eco-friendly film […]

Recap from World Water Day

Yesterday, March 22, was World Water Day.  In honor of that and because so many people ask us about the impact of bottled water, here is a video I enjoyed on Annie Leonard Releases New Video on Story of Bottled Water for World Water Day.   The Story of Bottled Water is co-produced with […]

To Cloth Diaper or Not To Cloth Diaper?

We had a tough time deciding whether or not we would use cloth diapers. We thought they’d be expensive, that the laundry would be too much, that they’d smell or that I’d be grossed out by them, but through the debates, we kept coming back to the fact that they are just much better for […]

Upgrading Your Existing Decorations to LEDs

I have always loved the spiral tree lights in front of homes during the holidays.  I broke down and bought one a few years ago, but it only lasted two seasons before half of the lights stopped working.  I was bummed, but wasn’t about to buy another one to have it go out in a […]

Taking the Brown Bag out of Brown Bag Lunches

I have been trying to find ways to reduce my family’s impact on the environment in ways that are low-impact on our family.  I also try to find things that are inexpensive or save us money at the same time.    Regardless of how much money you have, it’s always good to save money where you can, […]

Recycling Juice Boxes

Ever since September, when my son started taking juice boxes to school, he’s been bringing them home.  We’ve had a running argument that he should just throw them out, because they can’t be recycled and they were dripping on his papers.  Then one day my friend in Portland, Oregon mentioned that juice boxes can be […]

Reusing Old Business Cards

Over time things change, maybe your title changes or you have a new office, so what do you do with those old business cards that are no longer useful for their original purpose?  Of course, you should recycle them, but before you do that, first reuse them. I recently started using my old business cards […]

Reuse "Disposable" Restaurant Cups

It took me several years to realize that the plastic cups with lids and straws that are used for children at restaurants are considered “disposable” by restaurants. In other words, if you don’t take them with you, they will throw them out. These cups are very, very reusable, and can save you a ton of […]