Being Part of a Guinness World Record™! Great Cloth Diaper Change!

Today I helped out at the Great Cloth Diaper Change event hosted by the Diaper Lab in Somerville, MA.  Salina and her staff at the Diaper Lab were GREAT hosts and ran a great event!  They have a great store and if you ever need advice on cloth diapers, I HIGHLY recommend it! Gathering for […]

Why Use Cloth Diapers? Change 3 Things Campaign

I use cloth diapers because they are good for the environment.  I want to limit the amount of waste that I send to landfills and incinerators and I want to limit the amount of natural resources that are consumed for products that I just throw away. Some people use cloth diapers because of the health […]

No Spill Reusable Coffee Mugs

We drink coffee every day, but we don’t regularly buy it at coffee shops.  To be honest, we avoid the coffee shops more because we can’t stand to spend $3 on a cup of coffee than because the environmental impact of all those single use coffee cups.  I especially hate those styrofoam cups that our […]

Greening Back-to-School from the EPA

Ready for School If you have school age children, then chances are you’re getting ready to send your children back to school (unless you live in an area that has started already!)  For most people, this means shopping for school supplies, clothes, and possibly even electronics. According to the National Retail Association, on average families […]

Brownies! Healthier, Dairy-free, Box-mix-like and Super Yummy!

I’ve been reading a lot about healthy, cheaper and environmentally friendly eating.  If you want to focus exclusively on any one of these items, to take it to an extreme, you really have to forgo the others.  However, I have been trying to find a reasonable balance between all three that I can live with […]

Environmentally Friendly Food in a Surprising Place

When you think of shopping for healthy, organic and environmentally friendly foods, stores like Whole Foods and Trader Joe’s, as well as other specialty stores, come to mind. While these are great places to find huge selections of organic foods, and as companies, they have very strong environmentally friendly philosophies and policies, they can also […]

Free Samples and the Environment – Good or Bad?

Since I have started blogging I have also started reading other blogs, particularly “mommy blogs“.   I’ve noticed that a lot of them promote coupons, freebies and ways to save money.  As a mom trying to make ends meet,  I find these things particularly appealing.  As someone trying to live as environmentally friendly a life as […]

Getting Started with Bulk Purchasing of Dry Goods

I recently wrote an article on bulk purchasing that focused on buying things in larger quantities.  Two of the comments pointed out the environmental and local economic benefits of buying dry goods in bulk, however, I had never done this!  Somehow I had decided that that food in bins couldn’t be as clean, or as fresh […]

Keep Out The Drafts Quickly and Cheaply

Last night the wind was blowing here in Massachusetts, and it was blowing hard.  I’m working on a post about windows, and whether you should replace them, but right now, in January, I think most people want to know what they can do today to keep out the drafts. My favorite quick solution is plastic […]

Good for the Environment and Your Budget: Buying in Bulk

My mom likes to tell me that my pantry is so full I should stop shopping for the next year and just eat what we have. However, we do rotate through our bulk food, I volunteer with Red Cross Disaster Services so I feel like I should be prepared, and I know that buying in […]