The Real Reason Solyndra & Evergreen Solar Failed

Politicians love to point fingers at the other guy when something fails even if it has nothing to do with the real reasons behind the failure or collapse.  The whole ordeal around the Solyndra Scandal and the finger pointing has me outraged, but I’ve already written about that in Fact Checking Political Campaigns – Solar […]

Fact Checking Political Campaigns – Solar Company Loans

Image credit: Mary Altaffer/AP Photo The whole “Solyndra Scandal” has bothered me from the beginning, but not for the reasons you probably think.  What annoys me is the amount of hypocritical political finger pointing that the GOP has been doing as a result of the bankruptcy.  The Department of Energy loan program was intended to […]

Solar Should Be Simple – Contractor #1

Guest post by Ian Clarke about their journey to solar in New Jersey, part of the Solar Should be Simple series written for Green Lifestyle Consulting. Previous chapter: It Just Makes Sense First, we needed to select a contractor. I had begun building a rapport with the consultant I met at the conference, and he […]

Solar Should Be Simple – It Just Makes Sense

Guest post by Ian Clarke from their journey to solar in New Jersey It seems like it should be pretty straightforward: a state decides that it wants a minimum of its power generation to come from specific types of renewable resources. It designates target percentages for each type of renewable energy and, by way of […]

Going For Solar – DIY Small Scale Solar

Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could buy a solar panel and just plug it in to an outlet without needing to hire an electrician? Well, now you can! Be sure to read the cautions below for why you still might need a licensed electrician. I learned about solar micro-inverters about 4 years ago when […]

Reaching for Net-Zero

With all the sunny days in April, we reached a milestone with our Solar PV Awning.  We moved being net-consumers of electricity to being net-producers for the year (first four months). Chart generated by SunWatch Meter from SunBug Solar LLC In April our solar awning produced a whopping 733 kWh of electricity, only July 2011 […]

The Greening of Rest Stations!

We live about 200 miles from our nearest family, so a typical holiday for us involves driving that far each way. Before children, we would occasionally drive straight through, but really, I can’t go more than about 2 hours without stopping at a rest station. Now that we have three, we have gotten to know […]

Going for Solar Another Way – Solar Leasing

While we purchased our solar installation outright, there are other effective ways to get solar on your home.  Here is a guest post by our friend and fellow solar enthusiast Bob Paine. Achieving green energy, one homeowner at a time by Bob Paine Bob Paine’s Leased Solar Arrayin Medford, MA I have long been interested […]

Solar Thermal Around Boston

Today I spent the day at one of the full day workshops kicking off NESEA’s (North East Sustainable Energy Association) Building Energy 12 Conference.   I went to Solar Thermal Best Practices and Performance Data organized by the Mass Clean Energy Center because I am looking into solar thermal options for my community.   It was a […]

Photo Montage from Renewable Sales – A Solar Mecca!

On Thursday, I attended “Understanding Risks and Rewards: A Conversation on Community Solar” organized by the North East Sustainable Energy Association (NESEA) as a pre-event to their Building Energy 12 Conference in Boston next month. The session was organized by The Cadmus Group and my co-worker was one of the speakers.   Renewable Sales hosted this […]