Packing Disposable-Free Kids Lunches – Including Fruit Cups

When our kids started attending daycare a few years ago, they needed a lunch packed for them every day, and so started our daily need to pack lunches for two children.  At first, as for many people,  this meant the daily use and disposal of items like fruit cups, juice pouches or boxes, sandwich bags, […]

New Reality Show about Recycling – Garbage Moguls

From National Geographic Channel Usually I can’t stand reality shows and stay as far away as possible. However, this Saturday a new reality show called Garbage Moguls will be airing on the National Geographic Channel by our friends at TerraCycle. Garbage Moguls Pilot – 7PM EST Garbage Moguls Premiere: Pet Project – 8pm EST Garbage […]

TerraCycle Juice Pouch Brigade and a Lunchbox Giveaway

A few months ago, after my kids got a taste for Capri Sun juice pouches in their lunch, I started a TerraCycle Juice Pouch Brigade at our Church.  Their school wasn’t interested in dealing with the collection and storage, so I chose another worthy cause to support.  I registered at for my own account […]

Find TerraCycle Products at WalMart For Earth Month (April)

A couple months ago, I setup a TerraCycle Juice Pouch Brigade at our church to collect and upcycle juice pouches.  This is a real win-win idea as it provides money for non-profit organizations and diverts reusable materials from the landfill.  It is also a great project to involve the kids since they are the biggest […]

Check out the TerraCycle Green Up Shop Popping Up in NYC

Beginning this Saturday, March 27th and running until May 1, TerraCycle will open a popup Green Up Shop and boutique on 8th Avenue at 41st Street in New York City. The shop will showcase a wide range of green products (including over 100 TerraCycle products) and services and host exciting weekly events including eco-friendly film […]