How to Find Organic, Fair Trade, Vegan & Local Chocolate Online

The name “” sounds like the kind of generic aggregator website that your average person might stumble upon when doing a general search.  You might think that they sell average chocolate to make a quick buck.  This is what I thought when the site first came to my attention.  However,  I was wrong.  Very wrong! […]

Super-Healthy Yummy Vegan-or-Not Pancakes (or Waffles)

Part of being “green” is being healthy – or so I think.  Many years ago I started making large batches of pancakes and waffles for my family and freezing them.   Then each morning we’d bring a few out and toast or microwave them and have a healthy, homemade breakfast as fast as a processed, […]

Growing Your Own & Vegan: Zucchini Bread Recipe

So,  it turns out I make a mean zucchini bread.  Everyone who has tried to make it is probably aware that there are about a million recipes for zucchini bread out there.  I’ve been through several.  There was one I liked the taste of but all my chocolate chips sank to the bottom so it […]

Vegan Buttercream Icing and Chocolate Cake

Many people are vegan for environmental reasons and we could write many posts on the topic.  However,  I’m currently not eating dairy or soy because of the baby.   As a result, I’ve been discovering many new vegan treats, particularly in the cereal bar and dessert lines.  I have been finding that many mainstream items don’t […]