Going for Solar: Flipping the Switch To Green Energy (Step 11)

We finally got the go ahead from the electric company to turn on our solar awning on November 19, 2010. It was a bright, sunny day and I took a quick break from work to run home and flip the switch. Usually your solar contractor gives you basic training on how your system works,  then […]

Teaching Your Children to Compost Video

We have found that teaching our kids environmentally friendly practices while they are young has lifelong positive repercussions.  Things that you do when you are young become part of your habits and your way of living, while changing behaviors as an adult can be difficult and challenging.  By having them do green things when they […]

Take AIM at Climate Change

“Take AIM at Climate Change” music video I saw the “Take AIM at Climate Change” music video last night at an event I helped organize about environmental stewardship and felt the need to share it.  In the video, a group of young artists sing about and explain the basics of climate change and inspire people […]

Quick Tip: Teaching Your Toddler To Recycle

When we first started the blog I said that I would talk about how to include your children going green.   I realized that I haven’t been doing as much of that as I would like. Our Toddler Recycling One thing I like to do is teach my toddler to recycle.  Ever since he could walk, […]

Great Video on Home Energy Monitors by Ask This Old House

We are big fans on monitoring electricity consumption so that you can manage and reduce it. This Old House has a great video showing the range of products for monitoring and managing electricity consumption in the house. We have and are big fans of the Kill-A-Watt, Watts?Up Pro and TED 5000 shown in the video. […]

The Consequences of Science Denial

Michael Specter, a staff writer for the New Yorker, gives a great talk about the consequences of science denial in his TED Talk: The danger of science denial.  He eloquently expresses my feelings about why the objections to genetically modified organisms (GMO) and vaccines are stupid and harmful. Vaccine-autism claims, “Frankenfood” bans, the herbal cure […]

Don’t Forget Earth Hour Tonight at 8:30pm local time

Join in the world wide movement to show support for our planet, Earth Hour.  Tonight, beginning at 8:30pm your time, turn out the lights for 60 minutes.  Instead of candles, I recommend having rechargeable lanterns and LED flashlights on hand.  I have our solar powered rechargeable lantern charged and ready to go.  In addition to […]

Recap from World Water Day

Yesterday, March 22, was World Water Day.  In honor of that and because so many people ask us about the impact of bottled water, here is a video I enjoyed on TreeHugger.com: Annie Leonard Releases New Video on Story of Bottled Water for World Water Day.   The Story of Bottled Water is co-produced with […]

A Radically Different Way of Farming that Improves the Environment

After the disheartening look at the state of farming in King Corn I luckily found the opposite end of the spectrum in Chef Dan Barber’s TED talk How I Feel In Love With a Fish.  In this talk he discusses  his journey to find sustainable fish to serve on the menu.  He presents a real […]

That Makes Cent$

Last November, as part of an EPA’s Energy Star national campaign (p. 8 & 10), our home was featured as an example of reducing your home energy use in New England.  Channel 7 Boston (WHDH) interviewed us and the EPA’s Energy Star’s Melissa Klein for a “That Makes Cent$” segment.  Check out the online video […]