Bringing Clean Water to the People of Haiti – Ste Jeanne D’Arc Haiti Foundation

Recently I had the opportunity to hear Hermina Hyacinthe speak about her journey and the foundation that she created to assist the people in her hometown of Petit-Goave, Haiti. Hermina HyacinthePhoto courtesy of Ste Jeanne D’Arc Haiti Foundation Hermina grew up in Haiti and moved to the United States where she received a bachelor’s degree […]

Join the Global Work Party this Sunday 10/10/10

 is organizing a Global Work Party to raise awareness and make a call for action across the world to address climate change. Getting involved is easy.  Over 6,300 events in 187 countries are already planned.  To find a fun event near you, check out the Map of Action.  Feel like doing more and organizing your […]

My First HEET Barnraising

I am in fact caulking a window in this picture. I was participating in a “barnraising” for the Women’s Center in Cambridge, MA where approximately 40 women got together to weatherize their building. It was organized by an organization called HEET. HEET organizes gatherings to teach people how to weatherize their homes. They gather at […]