Green Week in Review – June 28th – July 4th, 2010

Happy Independence Day! As I reflected this Fourth of July on the idea of declaring independence from Britain some 234 years ago, I could not help but realize that we need to make a new declaration of independence from fossil fuels.  These next few articles relate to the growing need for our elected official to […]

Green Week in Review – June 21st-27th, 2010

What a range in topics this week.  We have continued discussion of carbon taxes and clean energy stimulus, putting food style labels on light bulbs, how much food we grow to feed our food and even Solar-Assisted AC.  Everything with the exception of one article from the MITnews office in the runners up section is […]

Green Week in Review – June 14-20th, 2010

After the Murkowski Resolution (aka “Dirty Air Act”) was voted down, just barely, the Friday before, it is not surprising to see a number of legislation related topics up for discussion this week.  We also cover topics related to the BP Gulf Oil Spill and a breakthrough in efficient air conditioning that could really revolutionize […]

Green Week in Review – June 7th-13th, 2010

Wide range of topics last from farm runoff ending up in tap water at dangerous levels to higher than previously thought subsidies for fossil fuel industry lead off last week’s green news. cnet GreenTech: IEA: To promote efficiency, cut fossil fuel subsidies We’ve been fans of reducing the hidden subsidies for the oil industry and […]

Green Week in Review – May 31st – June 7th 2010

Last week had a range of eco-friendly stories ranging from solar AC to a huge break through in internal combustion engine efficiency.  Read on for a glimpse at the stories that caught our attention last week. Technology Review: Reinventing the Gasoline Engine Test heavy duty diesel engineCredit: Derek Splitter Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison […]

Green Week in Review – May 24th – 30th, 2010

The lead up to the Memorial Day holiday weekend was busy for us as we prepared to go camping. Stay tuned for a post about greening up our camping trip, but in the meantime here are a few news articles from last week of interest. TreeHugger: Washington DC Bike-Sharing Program Getting 10x Bigger! Photo: Flickr, […]

Week in Review – May 17th-23rd 2010

What a week in green lifestyle topics! There are so many things to share, that it was hard to narrow down the list to a handful, but here goes. Deforestation Victory! Nestlé Will Stop Using Rainforest-Destroying Palm Oil With a lot of pressure, you really can change the behavior of giants in the food industry. […]

Week in Review – May 10th-16th 2010

This week I’m skipping the elephant in the room, given that there is so much coverage of the Gulf Oil Spill.  For some sadly humorous takes on the issue, I recommend the recent Daily Show clip There Will Be Blame.  Now to the exciting and thought provoking recap of last week with an eye toward […]

EcoMonday Week in Review, May 3rd-9th 2010

We are going to start a new thing.  We hope to review the previous week for the top news articles that tickled our green fancy and share them with you our readers.  If you have an article that you think is really interesting or relevant, please let us know. Planet Green: Composting: It’s Easy, Awesome […]