Are Zoos Green?

“Someone told me it’s all happening at the zoo, I do believe it, I do believe it’s true…” I like the zoo.  I think it makes a good field trip with children.  I believe that it’s good for children to be exposed to real animals in real life.  My brother would argue that “that’s not […]

Raising Healthy Kids: Avoid BPA

Classic Glass Baby Bottle – BPA Free Update: The FDA is planning to decide whether or not to continue allowing food packaging that leaches BPA by March 31, 2012. There is no time to lose – the FDA has to hear from you before it makes its call. The government needs to know that Americans […]

Living Green Can Be Easy – Appreciating the Natural World

Our kids named this “Y Log” Often we think living greener means spending more money, making a sacrifice or making an extra effort.   But living green doesn’t have to be hard.  Some things that are good for our health, good for the environment and good for our state of mind are easy too.   Today, I […]

Thinking About Consuming Pesticides and Chemicals

Organic, brown rice cooking in a rice cooker I started cooking the last from my large bag of organic brown rice and started wondering if the smell was a little off.  Has it started to turn?  I feel like my organic and natural foods seem to go bad faster than the “conventional” foods that I […]

Review: No-Spill Insulated Kids Food Container by Contigo

We have been using inexpensive reusable plastic containers in our kids lunches for a number of years to be as waste free as possible. We have generally been using Ziploc or Glad snap together containers to send food in for their lunches. Now we love (and they demand) the Contigo Kids Stainless Steel Scout Food […]

Do-It-Yourself Halloween Decorations

My neighbors put out a number of Halloween decorations and my children wanted some too.  I politely explained to them how I don’t believe in using electricity to shine lights on decorations or to blow fans to make decorations stand up.  I also explained that it wasn’t good for the environment to go buy a […]

Review: My Experiences With the Plug-in Prius

My kids sitting in the back of the Toyota Plug-in Prius On September 16, 2011, Toyota officially unveiled the Plug-in Prius, pricing, options and its availability.  This is particularly exciting to me, because we have been using one of the early prototypes from Toyota’s test fleet at work.  I have had the opportunity to drive […]

Wordless Wednesday – Back to School Eco-Style

Here’s are some snapshots from our Back to School shopping.  We tried where ever possible to get environmentally friendly school supplies for our twin second graders. Crayons made with solar power Markers made with recycled plastic FSC Certified Notebook Made with reforested wood Composition notebooks made from sugar cane Full view of the sugar cane […]

Why Buy Recycled?

As you’re doing your back to school shopping, look for the whether the products you are buying are made from recycled materials.  Depending on who made the product and where you’re shopping, this might be a little tag on the back, big letters on the front or a symbol next to the item on a […]

Cub Scouts Meet "Windy" the Wind Turbine

Our regular readers may have noticed that we’re posting a little less frequently than usual this summer. In addition to having our children home from school, our environmental outreach activities have been keeping us pretty busy recently. Nature themed coloring project. Our regional Boy Scout Council held Cub Scout Day Camp at the base of […]