Take AIM at Climate Change

Take AIM at Climate Change music video
“Take AIM at Climate Change” music video

I saw the “Take AIM at Climate Change” music video last night at an event I helped organize about environmental stewardship and felt the need to share it.  In the video, a group of young artists sing about and explain the basics of climate change and inspire people to get started addressing the problems.  The message of start with one thing, then do another is a message we have tried to get across through our blog.

Edited to embed YouTube version of video. You can also download the video if you want to use it in a presentation or event from polar-palooza. Click on Downloads link at bottom of their page.

As the video tells us, we have to:


So get out there and do one thing and then another and make science a priority.

Share this with your friends and communities.  Here are the various sites referenced in the video:

Happy Greening!

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