Teaching Your Children to Compost Video

Compost is rich organic matter

Our kids love composting and the result is safe for them to handle without gloves

We have found that teaching our kids environmentally friendly practices while they are young has lifelong positive repercussions.  Things that you do when you are young become part of your habits and your way of living, while changing behaviors as an adult can be difficult and challenging.  By having them do green things when they are young, these things become a natural way of life for them.  By educating them about what’s good for the environment, we find that making green choices comes naturally to them and is not a burden.

For example, when we go for walks in the woods, we come out with a bag full of trash and recycling that our older kids pick up.  It even goes as far as being scolded by our six year old twins to turn out the lights when we leave a room on the rare occasion we forget.  One green task we got our kids involved in doing early on is composting.

In 2009 we participated in a year long competition to reduce your households environmental impact, the  Energy Smackdown competition.   We made the following short video with the children that explains how to compost.   It won the Energy Smackdown video competition.


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  1. I did some small, market resaerch after learning about a composting service called Pedal to Petal. It’s a bicycle-powered compost hauling service. I did a survey among my egg customers to see if they would be willing to pay for a service like this. Unsurprisingly the answer was generally no but I accomplished several things:1. Found out St. Louis City will pick up compost for free. If you’re going to waste tax dollars, you may as well make the worms happy. Unfortunately, only a minority of kitchen waste goes to the service.2. Some people want to compost but don’t know how to get started or have had a negative experience with a smelly, soggy composting failure.3. I found a new way to bring in a little revenue with customers who are interested in minimizing landfill waste but can’t compost.4. Affirmed the notion that most people just open a bag or a box. People who buy eggs in styrofoam containers and fill their trash with pizza boxes and fast food wrappers have little desire for a composting service.So, no. It’s not for everyone. Especially when you try to tell a suburbanite that a little dose of urine on the compost pile would really heat things up. Kind of puts you in the buddhist nudist category too weird. My non-chicken scraps go to the chickens. My non-pork scraps go to the pigs. I don’t think most people can even concieve of that. Who has time to care for animals when they’re busy ignoring their kids at karate, scouts, swim team, gymnastics, soccer and public school? Oh, and we have to get our hair colored, our nails done, the cable guy is supposed to stop by, there’s a gold party tonight and a pampered chef party tomorrow night and then there’s the football playoff party on Sunday. How could you expect anyone to have time to collect eggs? Oh, and I saw farm eggs one time and, like OMG, there was, like, poo on one of them! Gross!

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