The Shorty Awards

What you ask are the Shorty Awards? These are awards for the Twitter Community. They are not done by but rather a company called SawHorse Media. The idea is that twitter users nominate and vote for the best producers of short content on Twitter.

How do you vote? Simply tweet the following sentence: I nominate @TwitterUser for a Shorty Award in #blogger because…

For example, you could tweet: “I nominate @grnlifestyle for a Shorty Award in #green because they make it easy for people to go green.

Anyone with a public twitter account can tweet a nomination, and then when the voting begins in February, anyone (with a public twitter account) can tweet their vote for one of the top five candidates in each category. Why a public account? They count the votes by searching the #blogger hashtag and if you protect your tweets so only your approved followers can read them, then they can’t count your vote.

This year is the second annual Shorty Awards and they have 27 official categories and an unlimited number of crowd-sourced categories. Currently “green” is a crowd-sourced category, but one of the most popular ones.

We think it would be great to see “green” turned into one of the official categories, to show how important it is to the on-line population. Therefore, we are encouraging everyone to vote for someone in this category. Of course, we’d like you to vote for us, but if you’d rather vote for someone else, at least vote, to show your support for the category.

Right now @grnlifestyle is #10 in the green category, and we’d love to see that move up higher!

Another thing we’re voting for is @oneclimate in the news category for their awesome live coverage of the Copenhagen talks:
I nominate @oneclimate for a Shorty Award in #news because of their unbiased, informative #COP15 coverage

Let us know who you’re voting for in what category, and maybe we’ll vote for them too!  If you like what we’ve been sharing, nominate/vote @grnlifestyle in the #green category because insert your favorite green reason.

Happy Greening!

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