Time to Find Common Ground

Dr. Kerry Emanuel (MIT) & Dr. Peter Frumhoff (Union of Concerned Scientists)

Snapshot from the video

A friend shared this video with me and now I am sharing it with you.  Please take the next two minutes to watch this fun and important speed-drawing video about climate change and then share it with your friends.

It’s Time to Find Common Ground — Speed-Drawing Video on Bipartisan Solutions to Climate Change

The video is by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Now share this video/post with your friends, especially those with differing political views from yourself.

Happy Greening!

What political solutions do you think would work to address climate change?  Respond in the comments

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  1. Great video! It is so important for us to come together and find common ground! Sharing!

  2. The video is great. Can’t wait to share it. On a different note. I really like the changes you’ve made on your blog. It’s very well organized.

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