Tip: Keep All Natural Bread in the Freezer

Once upon a time I avoided “all natural” or “organic” foods, because they went bad too fast. It was annoying and a waste of money. Then I started to think about why some food went bad, and some didn’t.  I bet you can guess too: preservatives. Sometimes preservatives are salt or vinegar, but typically in mass produced foods preservatives are chemicals.
Do I really want to eat chemical preservatives? Do I want my children eating them?

bag of whole wheat bread

Freeze your natural bread to keep it fresh


So I buy “All natural” and “organic” bread now.

Sure, as a family we go through bread a lot faster than we did when there were just two of us.  But I also don’t have the luxury to go food shopping twice a week.  If I can help it, I try to not even go every week because I don’t have time, not to mention the wasted gas!

To keep our bread fresh, we keep extra loaves in the freezer. We have a chest freezer in the basement we use for buying and cooking in bulk.  I keep the extra loaves down there between shopping trips.

Whole Wheat White BreadWhat do you do when your bread is frozen and you want to eat it now?  Just pull a few slices off and pop them in the toaster on very light to defrost.  Or, if you’re making a sandwich for lunch or something to eat later, just put the fixings on the frozen bread.  By lunch time, it’ll be at room temperature and ready to eat.

Now I’m not afraid of  our natural and organic breads going bad, I’m afraid of eating conventional breads!

As a side note, don’t put your bread in the refrigerator to keep it fresh, that is actually a way to get it to go stale faster.  Apparently, 3 days in the refrigerator is equivalent to 1 day on the counter.

Happy Greening!

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  1. My mother kept everything in the refrigerator or freezer because she hated the bugs in Fla. Bread never lasted longer than two days in my family, so I’m not familiar with the 3-day rule. Another thing we did was make the bread before going to bed so that it had risen for morning baking. Yum!

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