Tip: Paper recycling

When I forget my cloth bags at the supermarket, I always ask for paper. Then I have a collection of paper bags to use for recycling. Our city requires that all paper recycling be in paper bags. I try to place a paper bag conveniently to locations where I will generate recycling. For example, I keep one in the kitchen for empty food boxes and because I sometimes look at the mail there. I keep another in the dining room where I open the mail – envelopes and any mail I’m not going to keep goes straight into the bag. These days, so do all the catalogs I haven’t unsubscribed from yet! I keep another paper bag upstairs, for all the little things that come out of our pockets, small cardboard boxes, tags from clothes, etc. This one doesn’t get full often, but these things would otherwise have gone in the trash.

How do you know what your city or town recycles? In Massachuestts the state has a website that links to each city and town recycling website:


If your state has a resource like this, please post it!

I found this one for California in about 1 minute: http://www.conservation.ca.gov/DOR/Pages/Index.aspx

Also, try googling “city, state recycling” and check out the results

Happy Greening!

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