Tip: Skip the coffee stirrer by adding sugar and milk first

I hate those plastic coffee stirrers you find next to the coffee machine at work.  Unless you are making hot chocolate or mixing honey into tea, stirring is so unnecessary.  Instead, do what I do by putting the milk and sugar in first and then adding the coffee.  The act of pouring the coffee (or tea) into the cup will completely mix everything together and you won’t need to use and dispose of one of those plastic stirrers. 
The wooden ones are a bit better in that they are not made from oil, but if you must stir, a spoon that you reuse is best.  One reuse tip that we do is to save popsicle sticks from the kids numerous popsicles and use those for stirrers.  They go through the dishwasher time and time again without any signs of wear and they are free.  Also, we find it handy to have a bunch around when the kids get crafty and want to make something.
Happy Greening!


  1. Anonymous says:

    AND the coffee tastes much better if you do it this way – my husband immediately noticed the improvement when I switched to milk and sugar first!

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