TIP: Take the leftovers after Events

Today at the Harvest the Wind Festival as everyone was packing up, I noticed that there was still a full party tray of vegetables that Whole Foods had donated. I asked them if anything was going to be done with it and unfortunately, since food shelters won’t take open food, they were going to throw it away. I offered to take it home and they were happy to let me have it and know it would not go completely to waste. Now the challenge is to consume the veggies before they go bad and we have to compost them. Alicia has already made a quick vegetable broth and our kids went to town on the raw veggies for a snack today and will get some in their lunch tomorrow.

When you are at an event that is wrapping up, there are a several things you can offer to take and help avoid waste. In addition to food leftovers, recyclables are another thing that often can’t be recycled at the event, but you can just toss them in your recycle bin at home. We do this for all the water and sports drink bottles at my softball games during the summer. Feel free to suggest other things in the comments.

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