Uncle Johnny Explains Why You Should Switch to Paperless Billing

Everyone gets and pays bills.  Most of us receive and pay a LOT of bills.  We’ve never addressed switching to paperless billing because frankly, it has always frightened Alicia.  We don’t trust all those companies.  

Today, Alicia’s brother, better known as “Uncle Johnny” in our family,  shares with us why we should switch to paperless billing and banking.

Frankly, he has a good point.  He has several good points.  We have been slowly moving to some systems where we are more comfortable with online banking and not receiving paper statements, but it sounds like he could teach us a lesson or two.

photo of 3 bags of shredded paper
Shredded bills and bank statements

However, I’m wondering  if he is going to either compost or recycle all those bags of shredded bills!  Where we live the shredding can go in the recycling, but not the plastic bags!

Do you use paperless billing & banking?  What do you think of it?

Happy Greening,
Alicia & Uncle Johnny

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