Unplug the Family

We’ve recently tried to reduce the amount of TV our kids watch and increase the amount of time we spend as a family by playing board games and card games after dinner.  I wish I could say it has been a huge success, but I am glad to report we have made some progress.

young boy showing his UNO cards

Timmy loves playing UNO

We started with some card games like Uno and Apples to Apples Junior which Timmy, our 4 year old, can play with some help.  His older siblings really love playing our favorite board game, The Settlers of Catan by Mayfair Games, but we haven’t tried that as a whole family just yet.  I think something like this Bamboo Official Settlers of Catan Board would help us to play a game over several nights because we’d be able to safely move it off the dining room or coffee table for meals and homework.  I know what is going on my Christmas wish list.

Unplugging your family’s entertainment is a great way to save energy, have fun together and learn new things.  Just read one more of our blog posts before turning off your computer 😉


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  1. I love Settlers of Catan, I have not played it in years. My kids screen time needs to be reduced. They love the iPad but they are not always playing educational games on it. For some reason I was thinking Uno was for older kids but my 4 year old could play it.

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