Vegetable Football Nachos

Jon loves football. I love football food.  However, as I’ve started to live a healthier life, I find that standard football fare is a little heavy on the meat and grease for me.  This year I decided to try my hand at some super-veggie nachos.

nachos with cheese & beans

First layer with just cheese, beans and olives

I started with a typical base of corn chips, but these are organic corn chips from Costco.  Then I caved to tradition and added traditional, jar cheese sauce. I’m sure that some of you could come up with a better alternative, but this isn’t bad for a start. I added vegetarian re-fried beans, which we have always preferred and olives because Jon had them out.


Vegetable nachos with artichoke hearts, roasted cauliflower and sun-dried tomatoes in addition to more standard toppings.

Then comes the great stuff. I had canned artichoke hearts left from the pizza we made earlier today and chopped up sun dried tomatoes.  Then I added roasted cauliflower.   I added a light sprinkle of cumin and sprinkled a mix of shredded Mexican cheese on top.  I zapped the whole thing in the microwave and added fresh organic tomatoes & salsa.


The artichokes and sun-dried tomatoes added a sweet taste to counter-balance the spicy of cumin and salsa.

Awesome and much healthier than traditional nachos!  These will go great with your Green Super Bowl Party!


Happy Greening!


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