What Green Thing Did Your Mom Teach You?

As I raise my children I like to think back on how my mother raised me and about the things she taught me.  Some things she taught me outright – like my ABCs.  Other things she modeled for me – like recycling and caring for our planet.

Me, my mom and my daughter

Me, my mom and my daughter

I remember that when I was young, we used to save all of our glass jars and recycle them.  Periodically my mother would go some place in town – I suspect a municipal recycling center, I’d be surprised if we had a town dump, but maybe we did – and recycle the glass.  Back then we had to separate the glass by color and then toss it into the dumpster ourselves.  Sometimes Mom would take me with her and I’d be allowed to throw the glass (hurl it at the top of my strength) into the dumpsters.  It was fun, and it was something that only some people in town did.

My mom was on some sort of Conservation Committee for our town and helped make environmental decisions in town.  I’m not sure how much I ever knew about what she did, because I don’t remember much now, other than she went to meetings and it was related to the environment.

When Jon and I talk about how we got into reducing energy usage and caring about climate change, we don’t usually talk about our moms.  However, how we were raised has a lot to do with who we are now.  I now staff the Conservation Commission in my City and I’m learning a lot about wetlands and protecting water ways. We not only recycle glass in our family, we recycle everything we can, and more.  We were in Disney World recently and my daughter was asked to say what our city is known for.  Her response? Recycling!  Our City isn’t really know for recycling,  but clearly my work has made an impact on her.

What green thing did your mother teach you?  Please share in the comments!

Happy Greening,

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  1. Alicia's mom says

    Thank you for saying those nice things about me. Yes, we took the glass to the Maxwell Ave. Recycling Center and threw the glass into the various colored bins. We also took newspapers and put them into the paper truck.
    I served for many years on the Conservation Advisory Commission. During those years, we spent a lot of time preserving the wetlands from development , preserving the Premium River basin, and setting up curbside recycling for the town (it was a town commission (CAC) which you kids always called cac.

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